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At Times English School we like to be connected with parents and our students therefore we are presents in all major social media platforms. We have created these platforms becasue we understand not everyone prefers the same platforms. This allows us to be connected with all our studens and parents and also lets them be awear of what is going on at the school, we also have a mailing list that you can subscribe to on the right hand side of this page. ----->

We will also be launching a facebook group for present and past students. Don't stop learning just because your not learning with us, keep improving your level of English everyday. The group will be closed, so if you are not a student, past or present, you will not be able to enter. The group will be 100% in English and it will be a collaborative forum where you may ask and asnwer questions related to the English Language. Feel free to talk about what you want as long as it is in English :D