Important Dates For The Upcoming School Year

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With each new school year parents and our students need to be up to date with important dates so that they don't come to class when we're on holiday. Although you can look this informaation up on our Google Calendar some will find it easier here. below is a list of the dates Times English School will be closed for Holidays.

  • Monday 11th September 2017: DIADA

  • Tuesday 12th September 2017: Classes Start

  • Thursday 12th & Friday 13th October 2017: Festa Nacional

  • Wednesday 1st November 2017: DIADA de tot sants

  • Wednesday 6th until Friday 8th December 2017: La Immaculada

  • Monday 25th December 2017 to Sunday 7th January 2018: Christmas Holidays

  • Wednesday 17th January 2018: Sant Antoni

  • Thursday 8th Feburary 2018 to Tuesday 18th Feburary 2018: Carnival

  • Monday 26th March to Monday 2nd April 2018: Easter Holiday

  • Tuesday 1st May 2018: Dia del Trabajador

  • Friday 15th June 2018: Last Day of Classes.

  • Monday 18th June to Friday 29th June: NO CLASSES

  • Monday 2nd July to Thursday 26th June 2018: SUMMER INTENSIVE COURSES.

  • Monday 30th July to Monday 27th August 2018: Times English School is Closed for SUMMER HOLIDAY.
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